Интернет-сайт компании «ДАТА+»(WWW.DATAPLUS.RU)

Web site of DATA+ company (www. dataplus.ru) is devoted to Geoinformation technologies (GIS – Geographical Information Systems). It contains various information of company activity in Russia and other countries of the CIS related with implementation of ESRI’s most advanced software products of ArcGIS family and Leica Geosystems equipment and software products for remote sensing data acquisition and processing.

Web site of DATA+

O.L. Serebryanaya (Data+)
#6, p 54
Web site of DATA+ company isdevoted to Geoinformation technologies. It contains variousinformation of company activityin Russia and other countries ofthe СIS related with implementation of ESRI's most advanced software products and LeicaGeosystems equipment and software products.
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